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Platinum Data Recovery stays abreast of trends in technology, most specifically data infrastructure and information recovery methods.

That’s our business.

Platinum Data Recovery Technology

When a customer comes to us to retrieve and restore their valuable data, it’s mission critical. In fact, that’s how we have operated for more than 16 years, emerging as a start-up in 1996 and evolving into a renowned leader in the data recovery field today. Our laboratory houses the most advanced technologies available today; all of it managed by the most proficient engineers and computer technicians in the industry.

In addition, we constantly sharpen the skills of our technicians by exposing them to continuing education in the field. This includes critical thinking techniques and the latest technology in Hard Drive, RAID, Flash, Apple/Mac and SSD data recovery.

We recover data made inaccessible by loss, failed hard drives, flash drives, DVD-RWs and most any other storage device.  Using confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements, we make sure customer data is secured at all times during the process.

After Data Recovery

We do not consider our job complete after we have engineered a successful data recovery mission. We also provide our valued clients with the counsel, expertise and resources to prevent a reoccurrence of having inaccessible data.

This includes a complete data recovery and backup solution custom designed to the organization no matter what the size. We feel that precious data must be protected for its entire lifetime.

Customer Service Philosophy

We matched the necessary technical expertise with excellence in customer service including responsiveness, empathy and reliability. We know how important data is. It’s the fuel that powers the engine of business operations. It often means the difference between success and failure and we treat it like the valuable resource it is.

That’s why Platinum Data Recovery’s differentiator is technical expertise, preventive resources and quick, dependable data recovery.

Often, we can retrieve and restore data to a usable format in just a few days. But the sooner we can act on it, the better. The recovery process tends to get more difficult with time and well meaning but potentially harmful actions to a device.

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