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apple recoveryWhile the line has blurred in the last few years with compatible applications between Apple/Mac and IBM compatible PC, the hardware and operating systems of Mac and PC are very different.

However, the data in a Mac device becomes inaccessible in the same way data in a PC does; via either a physical or a logical failure requiring Apple device data recovery services.

Data Failure

A logical failure results from the unintentional admission of a Trojan, malware, virus or corrupted software into the information. It can also occur if the user inadvertently deletes files, reformats the drive or does other things that cause the loss of the logical functioning of the device.

In the case of logical failure, the physical device is usually intact and functioning. However, it cannot coherently read the data.

A physical failure is just the opposite. This is where the data on the device is good but the unit itself has experienced damage. It usually means exposure to potential contaminants like food, liquids or other debris. It can also mean exposure to temperature extremes or physical trauma like being dropped.

Apple Mac Products

Whether the data is rendered inaccessible from a physical or logical event, a completely different skill set is required for data recovery from Mac devices including iPhone and iPads, etc. Platinum Data Recovery has the specific knowledge, tools and technology needed to provide an effective, comprehensive data recovery solution on Apple Mac products.

The skills include an intimate, comprehensive understanding of Apple equipment, system architecture and structure because the file system is uniquely Apple. It is not like other systems that use the NTFS (New Technology File System) protocol. Apple Mac products use their own codes including variations of those codes. While this can make an Apple data recovery project a demanding one, Platinum Data Recovery has the Apple specialized technicians to do the job. In fact, one of our specialties is recovering data from Mac devices.

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When you bring or send your Apple device to us for data retrieval and restoration, you can rely on the confidentiality and security of our services. We protect the sensitivity and proprietary nature of your data. This includes encrypted information.

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