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Data Recovery Services

In today’s technological age, businesses and individuals almost exclusively store important and sensitive information electronically. While this avenue is ultra-convenient, it also presents a real risk that delicate information could be lost due to a virus or external damage. That is where a reliable data recovery service comes in.

Our professional staff at Platinum Data Recovery has aided an international client base in retrieving invaluable information when it is inexplicably lost. Our service puts a long line of expert engineers in the client’s corner, armed with the most state-of-the-art tools to recover important data. Our quality of work has made us the go-to source for data recovery services on an international scale.

Not only is it important for an individual or business to retrieve every last piece of information that was lost, they need it in a timely fashion. Some businesses could come to a screeching halt until this data is recovered.

That is why our expert staff places an emphasis, not only on fully completing a job, but executing it in a timely fashion. We work relentlessly until the job is completed. In many cases, our engineers need only a few hours upon receiving the drive to go in and extract the data. However, the length of each job hinges on a number of factors. Our technicians can provide a more accurate assessment once they have learned more about a client’s situation.

There is no job too small or too big for our team of professionals, and we work hard to cater to both individuals and large companies. From retrieving photos that were lost off the SD card of a digital camera, to working with a large corporation that experienced a hard drive melt down; the same high-quality level of service remains intact.

Our services include:

  • Hard drive data recovery
  • Compact flash recovery
  • Smart card data recovery
  • SSD data recovery
  • Flash drive recovery
  • Raid data recovery

Some of our clients come to us with little hope that they will ever be able to access their important files ever again. Whether a hard drive or other data system was ravaged by a virus or damaged by water, our team is skilled to work through any level of damage and extract the data needed.

Hard drives and other data systems are susceptible to a number of risks that would cause data failure. Perhaps it was inadvertently formatted or simply crashed. Still, very seldom is data lost for good, and our staff can prove it. We diagnose the source of the issue and identify all components that were affected. This allows us to go in and efficiently extract every last piece of data. That’s likely why we boast a 95 percent success rate.

Because this whole process centers on sensitive or confidential materials, our clients have trusted our team with their confidentiality. We protect that confidentiality as a part of our loyal working relationship.

Don’t waste a second after losing important data. Call Platinum Data Recovery for a free, no-obligation consultation.