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flash recoveryFlash drives (also known as jump, thumb or stick drives) are popular because of their impressive storage capacity and portability. However, it’s precisely because of their small size that they can be susceptible to damage resulting in an immediate need for flash drive data recovery services.

USB Flash Drive

A USB flash drive stores data with flash memory and an integrated USB interface. They are not only removable but rewritable and are very small.  Used for the same purpose as the floppy disk, flash drives have thousands of times more capacity. They are more durable and reliable than floppies. They keep getting faster while their storage capacity continues to increase.

While flash drives are very robust mechanically, they can be damaged.

They could stop functioning because of physical trauma, improper insertion, condensation, exposure to liquids or foods, submersion, data corruption, and software-related issues. What is wrong with your drive can be categorized as a logical or physical malfunction.

Logical and Physical Data Damage

A logical failure is where the information itself is the problem. It may have been corrupted by a virus, malware or other malicious data harming computer code. If so, the process will involve byte-by-byte data recovery.  A logical failure could also be the result of deleted/lost data or even an improperly formatted drive.

A physical failure usually means some trauma or damage has befallen your device that renders it unreadable. Maybe the jump drive got dropped, was improperly inserted into the port or contaminated with dirt, foods or liquids.

Unfortunately, no matter whether the device is damaged physically or logically, many people assume that data cannot be recovered from flash drives. So, they throw them away.

Nothing could be further from the truth.  In fact, Platinum Data Recovery possesses an excellent track record of retrieving data from flash drives.

Platinum data recovery specializes in cases exactly like this and has the skills and equipment needed to securely recover your information.

Platinum Data Flash Drive Recovery

Because there is usually only one chance to recover your data, we recommend the following steps be taken with a troubled flash drive:

  • Stop using the device.
  • Turn the device off.
  • Disconnect the power supply.

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