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ssd recoverySSD (Solid State Drive) means the drive contains no moving parts. Because of that it is very resistant to shock and vibration. This also means that SSD data recovery is less common than other hard drive data recovery because these devices resist tampering. However, they can and do fail.

It can happen in two ways—a logical or a physical failure.

Logical and Physical SSD Data Failure

A logical failure of an SSD, while rare, can occur. In many cases an electrical problem like a power surge or an inappropriate power supply is the culprit behind an SSD logical failure. In this case, the data will be damaged and need to be retrieved.

Another cause may be an inadvertent user error such as the admission of a nasty virus, software program or malware which deletes or corrupts valuable data.

A physical failure of an SSD device refers to the fact that while most or all of the data is intact, the device components have been damaged. This makes it impossible to use the data. This type of damage can come from dropping the device, exposing it to extreme temperatures or having it come into contact with food, water, dirt or other contaminants.

A failure of this type means that a physical solution will have to be applied to restore the SSD to a usable state. It will take using precise tools and technology to extract the data and place it in a secure storage environment on a working device.

In fact, the physical solution is similar to microscopic surgery because the components and the tools used to repair them are complex and tiny. Extensive skills and knowledge of electronics are also required for this type of project.

Overall, for an SSD data recovery project, it takes advanced equipment, secure facilities and considerable skill to completely retrieve and restore your data to an acceptable state. Platinum Data Recovery possesses the specialized resources needed for intricate jobs like this.

If you experience a problem with an SSD device, stop using it. Turn it off and disconnect the power.

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